Wedding Shoppe - A-

We purchased both my dress and the BM's dresses here. They were great to work with and my dress came in a lot sooner than expected. Because I don't live in state they were will to hold it for me longer than the one month limit. The BMs were a little slow in all getting measured and paying but the WS was great about keep track of everything even when I changed the color of the dresses before they were ordered. They even called me to ensure that I wanted my JR bridesmaid's dress the new color when I changed my mind. (Ironic because shes not actually a JR Bridesmaid shes just really short haha, but I appreciated the gesture!) Turns out the 'JR bridesmaid' dress didn't fit at all even though they recommended that size. When I called them about it they offered to make the necessary alterations to make it look right for free. The only thing I really didn't like is the sizes that they recommended for all the BMs turned out to be WAAAY to big, which cost everyone a lot more in alterations. So that was disappointing.

Paper Depot - B-

I used their help for creating a mock-up invitation.  They were great providing any assistance in measuring and making sure I had a place to work. When I picked up all the supplies I needed for my invites they didn't have enough of one kind of paper and offered to order it and it would arrive in 6-10 days. Two weeks later I hadn't heard anything from them so I called to see if it had come in yet. The women said whoever was working with me had forgotten to place the order and it would be another 6-10 days. I was in the process of moving out of town so I had to wait until Christmas to come back and get it several weeks later. They did call me to tell me it was in but when I went it less then half of the paper was actually there. They said the supplier didn't have anymore and it would be several more weeks until they were able to complete my order. I understand that its not their fault their supplier didn't have it but  I wish they had told me that over the phone when they called to say it was ready. I had already completed about half my invites when I found out I wouldn't get anymore paper. Its 3 months later and I still don't have my paper and had to ultimately make less invites and make super sure I didn't mess up anything. I ended up canceling the rest of my order because they needed to be sent out.

Windows on Minnesota

So far Sam from the Marquette has been amazing to work with! The food from the tasting was AMAZING, I can't wait to have it at the reception.

CraftyEddy - A+

Awesome, I e-mailed him an inquiry on a Friday night and after several back and forth e-mails and multiple proofs, he made and shipped my cake topper that Monday and I received it on Thursday. Awesome! You can e-mail him at I was a little worried about ordering from someone without a website but I'm telling you he's great.

123Print - A

We ordered return address labels. They were super cheap and came pretty quickly, no complaints.


RomancingJuliet is a shop on Etsy and was sadly the most disappointing vendor I worked with. I loved a blue toss garter Beth was selling and on the site it said the order could take up to a month to be received. This understood I ordered it with about 3 months until my wedding. After a month and a half I still hadn't heard anything. I messaged her and she replied several days later saying she had been ill and would get it out by the end of the week. Two weeks later I still hadn't been sent a tracking number as promised and sent another message. It took about a week to get a response that she had been ill again and would get it out by that Friday. At this point I was getting concerned about getting the garter at all before the wedding. I told her if she had it out by the following Monday it would be fine and if not to please let me know and cancel my order. Well that Monday I received a message from Etsy saying my order had been canceled. Ugh.

SilverLotusDesigns - A+

Silver Lotus Designs is a shop on Etsy that has some adorable stuff! Darcee was awesome to work with. She offered so many customizable options at no extra charge. Take a look at the BM attire to see the necklaces I purchased from her.

Other vendors who will be reviewed soon

Aspen Limo
Marquette Hotel
Midwest Sound
Petals and Sprigs and Twigs